Via Vittorio Emanuele 40 | Capri

Dolce&Gabbana celebrates the art of home living with the inauguration of the new Boutique dedicated to furnishing accessories in Capri


June 2022

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The Boutique

The dreamy atmosphere of the azure island surrounds the new Capri Boutique forming a beautiful blend of colours and black and white contrasts.

From Carretto Siciliano to Blu Mediterraneo, and from Leopardo to Zebra prints, the store welcomes visitors into the colourful universe of the Collection. Cushions, candles and furnishing accessories of each theme are laid out on shelves, showcases and glossy black wood displays with LED lighting. The mirrored ceiling of the entrance room refracts the natural light entering from the large windows overlooking the inner courtyard. The basalt floor and the bright white façade highlight the colourfulness and creativity of the Collection pieces.