Branislav Simoncik

Fall Winter 2020/2021 Advertising Campaign

The place where the dream has come true: taken in Milan by Branislav Simoncik, the photographs trace the streets of the city centre, between via Dante and piazza Castello. An atmosphere of joy and celebration with lively shades: the Lombard capital, with its beauties and majestic buildings such as the Castello Sforzesco, becomes the blank canvas on which scenes of interaction and involvement are painted. Ordinary people relate to models on the streets of Milan, creating solar and carefree images, characterized by bright and brilliant colours.

Warm and enveloping hues, games of volumes and craftsmanship: the clothes of the collection, distinguished by a careful and scrupulous choice of materials like wool and velvet, frame the smiles on the faces of the models, that with their joy and happiness, also infect passers-by, creating a jovial and sharing atmosphere.



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