Dolce&Gabbana: a future under the banner of sustainability

The company writes a new chapter in its history geared toward a more inclusive and environmentally conscious fashion industry


December 2022

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Dolce&Gabbana’s ambition is to actively contribute to the creation of social value, while protecting the natural ecosystem. Our goal is to promote “Made in Italy” culture and tradition by involving the new generation in an ongoing dialogue between land and community.



For this reason and as a basis of its commitment to the cause, during the process of defining its new Sustainability Plan the fashion company has identified 7 Priorities: Net Zero Carbon, Made in Italy & Heritage preservation, Human Care & New Generations, Zero Waste, Ecosystem Collaboration, Materials & Circularity, Transparency & Traceability.
Each of these will include activities and initiatives that complement those already in place.


An other important step in the journey into sustainability has been participation as a founder of the Re.Crea Consortium. A project coordinated by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion aimed at managing end-of-life textile and fashion products as well as promoting research and development in innovative recycling solutions.

From reducing the carbon footprint of emissions to transitioning to 100% renewable electricity; from the waste and resource recovery program to the training of young talents in the manufacturing sector; from tangibley safeguarding the territory to the spirit of networking within the fashion industrial ecosystem, Dolce&Gabbana’s path toward a measurable and concrete idea of sustainability emanate in the Group’s core values: beauty, creativity, Made in Italy, humanity and passion.