Alta Moda Dolce&Gabbana


January 2019

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Domenico Dolce began photographing the most beautiful women of his Alta Moda two years ago. The result is a book that is a veritable gallery of extraordinarily iconic images.


It was the photographer himself – designer, tailor, and friend to the subjects – who chose and prepared the clothes, accessories and jewellery for each of the ladies, transforming them into contemporary queens.



And if the unique creations of Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda and Alta Gioielleria have dressed and adorned the magnificent clients, Domenico Dolce’s photographs have crowned them sovereign.

Set in sumptuous and opulently Baroque interiors, his compositions are not only a tribute to feminine beauty and charisma, but a revitalisation of the image of a sophisticated and timeless luxury.

Forty paintings by famous masters – from Bronzino to Vigée Le Brun, from Tiziano to Mengs – depicting the most fascinating princesses, empresses and noblewomen of the last five centuries heighten the impression of being immersed in a magnificent picture gallery, where the past lives on in the present and heralds the future.


Each queen tells her own story, which together constitutes a unique and unforgettable dream.

“It took us two years to photograph our queens of Alta Moda and to put this book together, and we are proud of the results. It is our tribute to beauty, eccentricity, and vanitas”


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana