Part 3: Q&A with our “star-architects”

Finding out more about who the leading architects are in this new #DGEVOLUTION project


April 2017

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Finally, our third “star-architect” Julien Rousseau shared with us his answers to the DG Evolution project he has been working on together with his studio, Fresh Architectures.


Fresh Architectures was created ten years ago by three friends, who quickly became associates to carry on a teamwork – in a real workshop spirit – based on the search for excellence and the will to take responsibility of ambitious projects. Addressing the requirements of clients, environments and dimensions is a founding principle for Fresh Architectures.


Over the years, Fresh Architectures worked with large territories as well as small, chiseled objects – responding to a program or anticipation questions. They work on projects ranging from urban developments to “Haute Couture”, from housing to public equipment.


“Joining energies, we stick to our creative spirit. It allows us to dare and take the risks, which bring out the extraordinary!”


For the Paris boutique, the Paris of yesterday and the Paris of tomorrow gets regenerated with ancient Italian roots in the new store. The space hosts elements of Dolce&Gabbana’s identity, of Paris, and of what people will encounter in a dreamy place- “sur mesure”!

What is your firm’s design policy?


We want to leave a mark on our era with Zeitgeist* buildings! Pertinent and impertinent…

*   defining spirit or mood in a period of history.

How would you describe your signature style?
What sets you apart from other architects with a similar style to your own?


We believe design is not a matter of signature anymore. Good designs allow multiple expressions and interpretations – and its own regeneration. Each client, each site, each question leads to a different pathway and the corresponding formalization. Results might converge to a form of coherence though! We price method and process. And despite being architects, we consider design as a late step in a long process of conversations with the client and questioning of the existing typologies.

How did you structure your approach to the design of the new Paris boutique?


It’s the inception for us, the instant of fission where a language is emerging, making, thinking and doing possibilities! Going back and forth between virtual and real, metaphorical and political we are bringing words and images to tell the story of the space.

How did you feel about embarking on this new global path that Dolce&Gabbana have spearheaded?


After several decades of global uniformity, new passes are aiming to let local particularities being expressed through culture, knowhow, geography, and people. Dolce&Gabbana is leading a generation in which we 100% see ourselves: we want a tumultuous playground, made of dynamic collages – Paris est une fête, as Hemingway said! And a perfect place for matching classic and crazy, restless and timeless.

How did you find the balance between creating something new for the brand whilst keeping it rooted in its identity?


Absorbing the rich origins, the special history and on-going renaissance comes very naturally – Dolce&Gabbana is a complex and rooted music score that enables many interpretations. The new Parisian store will reveal our vision of this very diverse identity by enhancing emotions and experiences.

What is luxury to you?


Luxury is a haze between ancient tradition and projection, metamorphosis. Ultimately, it’s the time to do – without contingencies of time! Luxury is an obsession for details; the obstinacy for addressing the highest requirements.

Do you have a special connection with the location of the new store?


I’m Parisian by heart and history!