DG Resort: beach club paradises signed by Dolce&Gabbana

Dolce&Gabbana brings its Italian finesse and expert craftsmanship to several specially selected exclusive beach clubs across Europe this summer. Experience and explore the collections in the marvelous locations of Capri, Taormina, Marbella, and St. Tropez.


June 2023

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This summer, the most iconic Dolce&Gabbana colours illuminate exclusive beach club destinations with the DG Resort project Taormina, Marbella, Capri and St.Tropez. Intense blues and pure white of the Blu Mediterraneo pattern exalt the dreamy atmosphere of the Italian Mediterranean. The vivid colours of the brand’s tribute to the Sicilian Carretto echoes its heritage.

Marbella – La Cabane

Renowned for its breathtaking beaches, cosmopolitan ambiance, and elite tourism, Marbella stands as one of the most captivating destinations on the Costa del Sol. With a rich history and vibrant traditions, this city has swiftly evolved from a humble fishing village into a veritable haven for the jet set. It is the perfect setting for Dolce&Gabbana, who have curated a luxurious summer experience at La Cabane beach club—a pristine resort nestled along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, renowned for its elegance and exclusivity, adorned with the iconic Blu Mediterraneo print. From its mesmerizing sea views to the azure-hued, illuminating pool and proximity to the sandy beaches, La Cabane provides an idyllic retreat for rest and relaxation.

Immersed within this exotic paradise, the resort will also host a Dolce&Gabbana pop-up store, showcasing an exclusive selection of clothing and accessories. Indulge in the extraordinary and create unforgettable memories during your stay at La Cabane.

St.Tropez – Casa Amor

Saint Tropez, the former fishing village made famous by Brigitte Bardot, is now one of the most glamorous and fashionable resorts on the French Riviera. With its myriad shades, magnificent beaches, and sun-kissed landscapes, St. Tropez is the place where celebrities from around the world come together to stroll along the beautiful harbour, relax amidst luxurious yachts, and experience the utmost enjoyment during their vacation.


Located on the Pampelonne Beach in Ramatuelle, Casa Amor beach club was chosen by Dolce&Gabbana to be adorned with the iconic Carretto Siciliano print during the summer season. This bohemian-style resort, adorned with the traditional colours of Sicilian carts, is the perfect place to experience ancient Italian traditions by the seaside on summer evenings and immerse oneself in the most authentic Mediterranean atmospheres.



Image Credit: @thibaud.gegeor

Taormina – San Domenico Palace

Located on the eastern coast of Sicily, overlooking the Ionian Sea, is Taormina, the pearl of the Mediterranean. Its spectacular views and enchanting atmosphere make it a top destination for celebrities and Hollywood stars.


Dolce&Gabbana found it to be the perfect setting for their signature Blu Mediterraneo pattern, which was used to decorate the beach club at San Domenico Palace. This building was an opulent monastery that housed monks from affluent aristocratic families. Once converted into a hotel, its corridors and façades have entered the history of world cinematography. It was incorporated into the Italian Four Seasons Hotels following an extensive renovation project. The resort, decorated in blue and white, offers a lovely atmosphere for the summer of 2023 to immerse yourself in and enjoy a vacation against the backdrop of the evocative east coast, with the incredible view of Mount Etna and an infinity pool off the cliff.

Capri – Quisisana Grand Hotel

Capri, the quintessential cosmopolitan Mediterranean rock with its glittering water, beautiful coves and beaches, is not only one of the most famous resorts among Hollywood celebrities, but also the perfect backdrop for Dolce&Gabbana’s most iconic pieces.

The luxurious Grand Hotel Quisisana is located in the heart of Capri, near the famed Piazzetta, and it is the beautiful resort that Dolce&Gabbana has chosen to decorate with the iconic Blu Mediterraneo pattern. The hues of white and blue stand out among the orange blossom-scented gardens and spectacular views of Faraglioni and Marina Piccola, emphasizing the exquisite atmosphere of a seaside holiday.