The definitive guide to this summer's top fashionable hot spots

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned glamour seeking veteran, there are five destinations never far from a true jet setter's list of hot spots to visit in summer


May 2023

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A guide to this summer’s hot spots. Expert tips on sights and attractions of some of the most iconic celebrity destinations in Europe. Glamorous locations, from Taormina to St.Tropez, are more than just fine dining, bar hopping and shopping, but an exploration of culture, architecture and natural beauty.


Love at first sight


Taormina is a picturesque hilltop town on the east coast of Sicily. Perched 204m above sea level, it has some of the best views on the island, if not the entire country. The beautiful Ionian Sea reaching as far as the eye can see and the immense Mount Etna with its continuous stunning yet humbling presence. The town exudes old-world charm and romance from every angle. From lounging on the sandy beaches to enjoying great food accompanied by luxurious wines and beautiful scenery, you will not be left wanting. Between relaxing, shopping and soaking up the sun Taormina offers a plethora of culture too.

Greek Theatre

Constructed in the third century BC to accommodate tragedies and musicals, today, it’s grand presence offers a glimpse of a bygone era and its theatrics. Fascinating remnants can still be found here, from the cavea and orchestra to some of the columns still visibile on the actual stage.

Jet set hot spot of Europe


Join the international jet set. Marbella is located on the renowned Costa del Sol in the province of Malaga. The city of golden hues and the Costa Del Sol’s most polished jewel, a sanctuary for luxury guests and the glamorous jet set. The region boasts a rich cultural legacy and an idyllic setting overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its international jet set image, Marbella has a genuine Andalucian atmosphere, and a visit to the Old Town of Marbella might cause you to believe that you’ve travelled back in time to another world.


Wander around the Marbella’s Old Town, also known as the Casco Antiguo, features several cobbled streets with colourful flowers scattered throughout with boutiques, art galleries, tapas bars and restaurants. Orange Tree Square, also known as Plaza de los Naranjos, is the pulsating heart of Marbella Old Town. The Town Hall, a magnificent fountain and buzzing restaurants with beautiful patios beneath orange trees. A truly charming way to spend the afternoon meandering through tradition and innovation.


The Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, or Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, is one of the biggest churches in Andalucia and dates from the Baroque period. It features a cheerful yellow and white façade with interior frescoes depicting the 12 apostles.
The Encarnacion or Church of St Mary on Plaza de la Iglesia is not to be confused with this religious monument. This majestic Marbella church houses one of Spain’s biggest organs.


Well worth a visit are also the castle walls, or Murallas del Castillo. Built in the 9th century by the Moors, this fortress and its walls formerly covered 90,000 square metres. Although the castle and most of the walls have since been demolished, remnants can still be found on Calle Salinas. Plaza Santa Cristo is located in the top portion of the ancient town, known as Barrio Alto.

Ensuring some downtime in the sun at some of the best beaches in Marbella is a must: Playa de Cabopino, Playa Nagueles, and Playa Real de Zaragoza.

Pearl of the Mediterranean


The island of Capri, is a little paradise nestled in the Bay of Naples, home to home to lavish restaurants, magnificent beaches, and an abundance of history. Capri, was once the home of Emperor Tiberiusan and unsuprisingly known for its lavish indulgence. An iconic location in itself, depicted in countless films and novels, has two distinct faces: during the day, it is buzzing with visiting tourists, but once the last ferry departs the island comes alive with locals and visitors enjoying the glamorous nightlife.


Capri promises guests a plethora of dreamy spots, whether you’re looking for a relaxing break or something more adventurous. Throughout the island natural wonders leave you speechless, such as the incredible Blue Grotto, and the Faraglioni Rocks. Rich cultural heritage is not lacking either, with Villa San Michele offering a fascinating insight into Italian history, the ancient remains at Villas Jovis and the panoramic views from Monte Solaro. Further notable elements of this Italian hotspot are the Augustus Gerdens and Via Kruppo.
All you need to bring are fashionable comfortable shoes and an adventurous spirit.

Gem of the French Riviera


The most iconic village on the Côte d’Azur: St.Tropez. The town owes its reputation to its celebrity lined beaches, buzzing nightlife and being home to the wealthy. But it’s so much more than just a jet-set haven that makes it so unique. The home port of Brigitte Bardot has in fact managed to retain its exquisite Provençal charm. The Provençal light is perhaps the first thing you notice, it’s clear and dazzling at first, which later softens into velvety twilight shadows. It’s no surprise that generations of painters and artists have gravitated here over the years. A renowned location for high-end shopping, eating, drinking, and dancing the night away, but Saint Tropez attractions don’t stop there, with its incredible natural landscapes walking, biking and day trip excursions are well worth exploring.

The Saint-Tropez Harbour & Old Town

The Vieux Port, is the hub of the town. A bustling ancient port and colorful buildings dazzle just as much as the flock of superyachts. A wonderful place to enjoy an ice cream or cool drink in one of the numerous harbour-side cafés and people watch. A stroll through the Old Town means you’ll find yourself in a fairytale world of cobbled lanes and pastel-hued houses. Beautiful lanes that lead to adorable squares where you can join the locals for a drink on the patio and watch pétanque players battle it out. You won’t go hungry either thanks to delicious food markets in Place des Lices where you can find cheeses herbs, garlic, and olives, and Place aux Herbes offers nutritious vegetables and freshly caught fish.