Dolce & Gabbana at CIIE 2020

A journey of Italian craftmanship and aesthetics in China

Italy and China. An indissoluble bond between two cultures, a friendship lasting centuries. Two ancient countries, though far away from each other, with deep friendship and similar spirits: soulmates from two ends of the Silk Road.

Following the great success of the 2019 edition, Dolce&Gabbana renews its participation in the China International Import Expo (CIIE) from November the 5th to 10th, the large-scale trade fair conceived by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Government of the Shanghai Municipality. The brand has also announced it will actively participate in the Expo for the next three years, solidifying a five-year long commitment from 2019 to 2023.

A collaboration between two millenary cultures so geographically distant and yet so close in values, that it has its roots in the many cultural and economic exchanges that have taken place since ancient times, and formalized with bilateral diplomatic relations in 1970. Exactly fifty years after that pact, the Italian fashion house cherishes this symbolic milestone, with its own contribution to promote synergy, solidarity and friendship between the two cultures.

Dolce&Gabbana, which has always been an ambassador of Made in Italy in the world, will be present at the fair as one of the selected exhibitors of international luxury with a stand located in a strategic position, which will recall at first sight a typical Italian square in celebration: the characteristic lights, symbols of joy and tradition, will frame the creations of the brand and the stations of the Italian artisans at work. This year tailors, embroiderers, decorators, and goldsmiths will alternate in a great symphony of Fatto a Mano, giving light to the values of craftsmanship, attention to detail and love for art that Dolce&Gabbana has always shared with the Chinese manufacturing culture.

The Dolce&Gabbana stand at the CIIE will give both visitors and online users the opportunity to immerse themselves in the universe of the brand, thanks to interactive digital experiences including augmented reality and a dedicated mini-program: a unique and innovative showcase that will enhance the encounter between two cultures, between tradition and innovation.

Looking Back: Dolce&Gabbana at China International Import Expo 2020

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Le Luminarie: Dolce&Gabbana at China International Import Expo 2020

The characteristic lights, a symbol of joy and tradition, frame the creations and the sartorial and handmade traditions

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Augmented Reality: Dolce&Gabbana at China International Import Expo 2020

A unique and innovative showcase that enhances the encounter between two cultures

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Il Maestro Orafo: Dolce&Gabbana at China International Import Expo 2020

The celebration of beauty and know-how, preserved in the skilled hands of our artisans

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L’Eccellenza nella Ricerca: Dolce&Gabbana at China International Import Expo 2020

Humanitas University, Italian excellence in the world of scientific research

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La Via della Seta: Dolce&Gabbana at China International Import Expo 2020

A tribute from Dolce&Gabbana commemorating the 50th anniversary of Italian and Chinese diplomatic relations

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Il Maestro Sarto: Dolce&Gabbana at China International Import Expo 2020

The Italian tailoring tradition resides in every look, a celebration of Made in Italy and craftsmanship

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