DG Cross-Cultural Awareness & Expertise

Dolce&Gabbana and Ca' Foscari collaborate on a new innovative educational initiative


May 2023

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Ca’ Foscari University and Dolce&Gabbana join forces in an initiative that will involve thirty students from the Venetian university: the CLab entitled “DG Cross-Cultural Awareness & Expertise” begins today, May 24th.


This lab will focus on intercultural communication, in which the students will be divided into groups and asked to develop concrete proposals with the assistance of lecturers, tutors, and mentors.

Students will investigate subjects such as social and environmental responsibility, as well as intercultural communication, while actively engaging in the creation of innovative projects based on real-world challenges. They will use their imagination and project-based approach like Design Thinking and the Business Model Canvas.


The “DG Cross-Cultural Awareness & Expertise” programme aims to provide students with an innovative educational experience, allowing them to face real-world challenges. Additionally, it seeks to foster collaboration between Ca’ Foscari and Dolce&Gabbana, with the goal of improving the innovation process through creativity and interdisciplinary approaches, at the same time as nurturing new ideas and solutions based on the proposed challenges, and discovering and nurturing young talent.


Among all the projects developed during the workshop, the most deserving group will be selected and honoured at a planned event in autumn.


CLab – Ca’ Foscari Active Learning Labs are projects focused on innovative teaching, carried out in collaboration with local and national organisations. Through active learning laboratories, they hope to create a culture of sustainability, creativity, and hands-on learning. Furthermore, they aim to stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration and experiment with innovative learning approaches.



email: sustainability@dolcegabbana.it