The Success of Devotion at CIIE 2023

Between a sparkling setup, a limited edition iconic bag, and a virtual experience, the Sacred Heart collection conquered China.


November 2023

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When you hear its name, your mind immediately conjures the image of the exquisite bag introduced by Dolce&Gabbana in 2018, a design that swiftly became one of the brand’s iconic pieces. True to form, at the sixth edition of CIIE 2023, it was showcased in all its beauty, but it wasn’t the sole bearer of the Sacred Heart’s radiance.

Present at CIIE 2023 were not only an exclusive model of the “Devotion for CIIE 2023” bag but also the jewelry collection and new beauty line, showcasing the enchanting world of Devotion.

A highlight this year was the introduction of a user-friendly virtual tour. Through a WeChat mini-program, it invited visitors to discover the collection via a custom-designed animation.


To gain access, all it took was downloading the QR code from the designated station, capturing the Sacred Heart present on bags, jewelry, fragrances, and makeup, and then waiting for its sparkling “heartbeat” to unfold.


A unique digital experience that allowed Dolce&Gabbana to showcase the exclusive Devotion universe to the Chinese market, transcending both its physical and virtual dimensions. It marked a successful triumph, navigating and conquering a challenge within a challenge.