In 2019 Dolce&Gabbana launches the new line of timepieces “Manifattura italiana”, which for the first time presents its own exclusive movement, the DG 01.01 caliber, entirely assembled by hand by the master watchmakers of Geneva. But while the engineering accuracy and precision of the mechanism are Swiss, the creativity in the decoration of cases, dials and bracelets is wholly Italian. The art of engraving, enamelling and cutting gemstones undertaken by the finest craftsmen in Italy, combined with the technical virtuosity of Switzerland, ensure that these creations are a unique masterpiece to collect. The source of inspiration for these models and their variants have been the clocks in the squares of the main Italian cities: Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Venice and Florence. The model “Venezia” stands out for including a further complication that bears a historical reference to the so-called “hora italica”, a method of calculating time that divided the day into 24 hours of the same duration, starting from sunset, which was considered the twenty-fourth hour.

This system spread in the fourteenth century and can still be admired today in the Clock Tower in St. Mark’s Square. The complication has been applied to the mechanical DG 01.02 movement which, with a special device for multiplying the hours wheel, allows a division of the dial into 24 hours. The solid and imposing caliber, with its 30.50 mm diameter and 4 mm thickness, is equipped with a self-winding device with new-generation micro-rotor. It offers a power reserve of 58 hours thanks to the device that is extremely sensitive to every single wrist movement. The mainplate and bridges are given a brush-finish by hand and then gold-plated to preserve them from oxidation. The escapement, which uses a balance with a flat spiral, regulates its frequency through the compensation of the balance, while a series of suitably positioned micro-counterweights in gold that can be manually adjusted by the watchmaker, assure better stability of frequency and, consequently, greater precision.

With Dolce&Gabbana 24- Hour Movement


Indication of hours and minutes



Technical Specifications

18 Kt pink gold

Black alligator strap



1 sardonyx shell cameo, round shape, hand carved:7.30 cts
1 black jade (nephrite), black colour, half-moon shape, flat cut:1.75 ct
1 catholong, white colour, half-moon shape, flat cut:0.95 ct



1 black diamond, round shape, rose cut:0.18 ct




Movement DG01.02

Automatic caliber with classic escapement
24 hour dial

General Information

Integration’s diameter: 30.00 mm
Total diameter: 30.50 mm
Movement height without aiguillage: 4.00 mm
Movement height with aiguillage: 6.30 mm
Number of components: 209
Number of rubies: 30
Movement type: automatic – self-winding
Power reserve: 58 hours (tolerance 0/-3 hours)
Frequency: 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz)


Technical Data

Constant force M0: 380 g*mm
Barrel wheel total revolution: 12.2 revolution
Barrel wheel revolution per hour: 5.15 revolution
Mainspring type: slipping bridle
Spiral type: flat spiral
Balance wheel type: balance wheel
with gold micro mass weights, variable inertia
Escapement wheel: 15 teeth
Balance wheel inertia: 10.00 mg.cm2
Lift angle: 46°
Caliber weight: 14.70 grams
Rotor material: sintered metal made of tungsten carbide
Rotor weight: 2.70 grams



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