#MoreThanRomance: the Chinese Valentine’s Day Collection

Characterized by the crystal clear sea, sun-kissed skin, and the multi-coloured landscapes, Dolce&Gabbana’s new Exclusive Collection, to celebrate this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, was inspired by Mediterranean’s classic summer destinations.


But today, Valentine’s Day in China is much more than romance.

That’s why this summer, Dolce&Gabbana has teamed up with SuperELLE’s virtual idols Liz and Sam for a girlfriend’s summer trip to celebrate this special day.

The virtual idols made their debut on a beach close to the city with their looks characterized by the stripes of the Fifties.

Scan the QRCode on WeChat to discover the Mini-Program dedicated to the Exclusive Collection.

The collection pays homage to the destinations that in summer become the beating heart of Europe, leaving their visitors with indelible memories and emotions. This is why the looks are marked by a different colour: fuchsia for Ibiza, yellow for Porto Cervo, orange for Marbella, green for Forte dei Marmi, coral for Capri, blue for Mykonos, light blue for Saint Tropez, mauve for Cannes and amethyst purple for Montecarlo.

The collection offers garments suitable for different occasions: from comfortable and wide caftans, to structured blouses, to beachwear. All are made of fluid and light fabrics such as cotton, chiffon and silk. All looks are wearable and characterized by comfortable and feminine silhouettes, combined with coordinated accessories: footwear, bags, scarves and small leather goods which complete the outfit, creating a refined and lively total look.

Each item within the collection is further personalized by the addition of a message of love. This is a special detail, written in the local language, that transports the heart and soul to the shores of the Mediterranean and that makes the memories and sensations given by each location unforgettable.

One step away from the sea: the Mediterranean coast arrives in store, becoming the source of inspiration for the special setting up of selected Dolce&Gabbana boutiques in China and of pop up stores at Chengdu IFS, Chongqing IFS W and Harbin Charter.


Renewed with an exclusive set-up inspired by the suggestive beaches of the Seventies, the spaces are adorned with the coloured stripes of the collection, which, through the decorative furniture and walls, create a unique and lively atmosphere.



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