Palpitating hearts in a house of dreams

Love and wait, friendship and beauty: the story of the Dolce&Gabbana Dolls dressed up for a grand evening


August 2019

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The DG House comes alive with the colours of light and the glitter of precious clothes. Night comes bringing with it the hopes of long-dreamed encounters and the impatience of the four friends to be embraced by their dreams turned into reality.


It is a legend born millennia ago that of the power of the golden hour to dye the world of dreams and hopes, making each object, face and soul a poem of beauty and sincerity.

The twilight filters through the tall windows of the living room, passing through the screen of the magenta curtains that, in vain, try to obscure the passage to the night. The rays of the sun, now hiding, leave a surreal touch of prelude in the air that, at any moment, something unexpected might happen.


The girls look at each other wondering with their eyes how long they will have to wait before turning into reality what has been, until now, a story in their minds. The Grand Gala is here: after a month of preparations and fantasies, the time has come to meet those who have waited and will continue to wait. But for one night, time will stop to let them dance in the dream they harboured with so much disbelief: a gift from the world to four friends, who will be able to forget the present and the future and let themselves fall into the arms of their distant loves.

Kissed by the orange of the sun, the blond hair, shining like the wheat strands of the most remote countryside, immediately turns into a composition of fairy fireflies that laugh and dance while waiting to run to the Grand Gala.

While the others exchange letters of their loves jealously guarded and still packed as if they were mementos, she moves away like the wind, leaving behind her the whisper of the ruches of her long black organza dress.

Her trusted friend follows her, the one who, like a sister, has been standing by her side since the first day they met. The sequins of her dress reflect the now sparse but light beams, creating a rainbow mosaic that follows her like a magic shadow.

Along the corridor, close to the second door, she pauses for a brief moment to peek inside the room, without being noticed by the others whose laughter she hears coming from the living room.


She enters quickly, sits one second in front of the mirror and carefully observes her reflection sprinkled with colours. Something is missing, she keeps telling herself. She grabs the lipstick and puts it on her lips, then she plays with the powder and the fluffy brush that caresses her face; and immediately she loses herself in the scent of floral pink notes that invade the room. And the mind gallops at an unattainable speed for the heart, which finds it hard to remain within the confines of right love.

It’s time, the youngest of them screams loudly. She glides through the corridors of the DG House, looking for the shoes she had meticulously chosen to surprise his heart to the sound of candy-coloured fabric, diamonds and meticulously decorated flowers. Like an ethereal butterfly, with a flap of wings she returns to the great hall, she catches the last friend left in the room who, in the wait, had dissolved in her cloud of thoughts and had flown away, out of the house, out of the boundaries of this world.

There is no certainty that he will come, her friend with a red lace dress confesses her. She could not find meaning in the vagueness of his words: the last letter he sent her continues to echo in her mind, as she plays with that piece of paper between her fingers, nervously exhausted by the impatience to discover the truth.


Don’t lose yourself in the void of an uncertain wait, tries to reassure her the youngest of the house. You lack the right light to shine alone, that something that gives you the naive and carefree smile of those who float in this world. From behind her back, she pulls out a headband of sparkling stones and places it on her head, adjusting the strands of hair that sprout here and there. And immediately the sun returned to the room, in the eyes of her friend who with a single glance thanked her more than with a thousand words.

One behind the other, the four Dolce&Gabbana Dolls run down the staircase, leaving the door of the DG House behind. Ready to get into the car to go to the Grand Gala, they hear a broken call, of whom has desired to pronounce those words for a long time, but these, too immense, too loaded, get lost in the throat. They all turn together, in a choreography of unison gestures. And there, in front of their beloved home where their fleeting thoughts were tangled up just a few minutes ago, they receive the most desired and least expected gift: they are all there, those long-awaited loves. And that prelude of inexplicable surprise takes shape. And it fills their eyes with wonderful reality.