Colin Farrell, face of the new Dolce&Gabbana Sartoria Campaign

The refined lens of Gray Sorrenti signs the new campaign dedicated to the Made to Measure service


April 2024

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The acclaimed actor and producer Colin Farrell takes the spotlight in Dolce&Gabbana’s latest Sartoria campaign, dedicated to the Made to Measure service – a celebration of Italian craftsmanship and sartorial elegance.


Seizing the allure of the Irish actor in monochrome frames that underscore the timeless essence of Dolce&Gabbana’s attire is the refined eye of Gray Sorrenti.

“The attention to detail in a Dolce&Gabbana Sartoria suit is unparalleled. With great creativity and passion these suits are paintings come to life and through Sartoria, I’m thrilled to continue my relationship with the Dolce&Gabbana family.”


Colin Farrell

The Made to Measure service of Dolce&Gabbana Sartoria offers the chance to craft bespoke and personalised pieces through close collaboration between the Made to Measure Specialist and the client.


Made to Measure is at the heart of Dolce&Gabbana’s menswear. This approach, characterised by craftsmanship and a meticulous study of colours, cuts, and proportions, culminates in a personalised end product that marries exclusivity with elegance.


The service offered by Dolce&Gabbana Sartoria is available by appointment at selected Dolce&Gabbana Boutiques worldwide, as well as at the client’s home or office. Appointments can be arranged over the phone at selected Boutiques or directly on

Photography by Gray Sorrenti
Styling by Ryan Hastings
Soundtrack by Arsun Ignatius Sorrenti

New Dolce&Gabbana Sartoria Campaign

Discover the exclusivity of the Made to Measure service in the new Dolce&Gabbana Sartoria campaign, featuring actor and producer Colin Farrell.