Dolce&Gabbana presents the Children’s Fall Winter 2024-25 Collection at Pitti Bimbo 98

An exclusive preview of the new DGVIB3 collection dedicated, for the first time, to teenagers


January 2024

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Nestled in the heart of Fortezza da Basso’s Central Pavilion in Florence, Dolce&Gabbana unveils a unique installation that embraces the essence of the fair’s official theme – Pitti Time. Transcending conventional boundaries, a vivid urban skatepark with graffiti-adorned ramps captures the exhililarating moments of young skaters’ tricks, inviting visitors to discover the vibrant energy of the DGVIB3 Collection.


In perfect harmony with its free-spirited ethos, DGVIB3 for the first time presents a range of sizes catering exclusively to teenagers aged 12 to 16.
Echoing the influence of urban landscapes and communities stemming from underground music movements, this collection breathes life into visually striking ensembles and unmistakable fits. Each garment, from cropped to regular, over to slim cuts, is meticulously crafted, playing with forms, volumes, and lengths to ensure unparalleled freedom of movement and expression.

Meticulously curated in every detail extends beyond apparel, with coordinated accessories. Backpacks, water bottles, caps, and sneakers seamlessly complement the looks, adding an extra layer of flair to the overall aesthetic. The fusion of style and functionality becomes palpable, inviting a deeper immersion into the unique world of DGVIB3.

Bold and striking hues – Urban Black, Graphic White, Hip Hop Green, and Street Purple – take centre stage, encapsulating the essence of the DGVIB3 Collection in all its commanding glory. Jersey, the primary material, emerges as the star, infused with original graphics that add a personalized touch to each garment. The dynamic interplay of strong colours and expressive visuals underscores the collection’s commitment to leaving an impactful and memorable impression.


Vibrant colours, urban graphics, and unmistakable fits. Explore the DGVIB3 Collection dedicated to teenagers.