Dolce&Gabbana: the iconic Black

A timeless colour rooted in the brand's DNA


August 2023

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Black, the iconic and timeless colour, possesses the unique ability to elevate any outfit with its depth and charm. The power of a simple dark, black dress is unparalleled. For Dolce&Gabbana, black goes beyond being just a colour; it represents confidence and energy. From the very first collection, SS86 “Geometrissimo,” and the recent Women’s FW23/24 catwalk, to the DNA Collection, beautifully portrayed by Mariacarla Boscono and captured by Steven Meisel, black remains the symbol of the brand’s enduring elegance. Inspired by the classic attire of Sicily, black has been a constant and significant element in Dolce&Gabbana’s fashion journey.


The concept of ‘black on black’ is a constant presence in Dolce&Gabbana’s designs. It refers to a styling technique where multiple black garments and accessories are layered together to create a classic, monochromatic, and elegant look. This iconic colour has been featured in numerous collections spanning the brand’s history. In the SS87 collection ‘Transformismo,’ dark shades of black were incorporated into several outfits and dresses. However, it was in the FW87/88 collection ‘Sicily’ that black truly took centre stage, paying homage to its origins deeply rooted in Sicily, the homeland of Domenico Dolce. In subsequent collections like FW91/92 ‘Pin-Ups,’ iconic black ensembles adorned famous models such as Cindy Crawford in an all-black catsuit and Naomi Campbell wearing rhinestones over black. The impact of black extended further with renowned faces like Kate Moss in the FW92/93 collection ‘The Trip,’ leaving a lasting imprint on the pages of fashion history.

Universally recognized as elegant and timeless, black embodies sophistication and simplicity—a quality the brand wholeheartedly embraces in the creation of luxurious and enduring fashion pieces. Furthermore, black serves to accentuate silhouettes and intricate details, allowing the eye to focus on the impeccable cut, structure, and craftsmanship of the garments. Dolce&Gabbana’s deliberate use of black as its predominant colour reinforces the brand’s DNA. For instance, during the Women’s “Sensuale” Fall-Winter 23-24 fashion show, Dolce&Gabbana reimagined the essence of feminine elegance, embracing the concepts of purity and simplicity.

The DNA Collection, featuring Mariacarla Boscono through the lens of Steven Meisel, the iconic colour black played a prominent role. By incorporating this timeless hue, the brand once again paid homage to its roots of celebrating the female body and accentuating its silhouette. The use of Black Sicily throughout the collection exemplified the inherent sensuality and elegance of the female form, testifying to demonstrating the transformative power of this colour.

The Dolce&Gabbana’s Men’s SS24 fashion show “Stile” showcased a meticulously curated colour palette. It encompasses a range of sophisticated colour blocks, starting from the purity of white and culminating in the iconic black, which draws inspiration from traditional vestments worn in Sicily. By imbuing this monochromatic hue with multiple layers, the collection adds depth and dimension to men’s attire, creating voluminous silhouettes.

The use of this timeless colour remains deeply rooted in Dolce&Gabbana’s style, confirming, collection after collection, its versatility, pioneering spirit, and refined craftsmanship.

Eternal charm of Iconic Black

Dolce&Gabbana transforms black into a captivating, energetic allure, adding a touch of elevated elegance to every outfit.