Glamorous nights with the Dolce&Gabbana Holiday Selection

Shimmering outfits, minimal black and white ensembles, exclusive accessories to make your personality shine at year-end parties


November 2023

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The most dazzling month of the year is right around the corner. Amidst glittering dresses, finely tailored suits, and elegant accessories, the mantra is simple: radiate. Gold, silver, strass, and the iconic black-and-white colour scheme epitomize the Dolce&Gabbana festive style code. A dazzling dress code that has chosen an even more sensual vibe for both men and women’s outfits this year.

For the festive season, her wardrobe embraces the charm of the gold and silver combination, whether worn together or separately. This look is always accompanied by exquisite accessories, such as the iconic Sicily bag or a pair of metallic slingback heels. Equally, bold and elegant are the lace options, exclusively in black, featuring tops and skirts that enhance a sophisticated and sensual femininity.

At festive gatherings, he exudes a confident and relaxed vibe, playing with the iconic black-and-white palette duo. Picture meticulously tailored suits, Sicily tuxedo jackets bedazzled with rhinestones or sequins, glamorous sweatshirts, and stretch trousers – striking that perfect chord between sophistication and a desire to turn heads. The finishing touches to these outfits? Velvet slippers or polished patent leather derby shoes, adding that extra layer of refinement.