Maiolica Collection, new colour variations for the next season

A stylish tribute to the art of maiolica in the fresh shades of Lemon yellow and green


June 2024

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The refined and breezy aura of Dolce&Gabbana’s latest Maiolica FW24 collection is poised to brighten wardrobes for women and men this coming season. With vibrant and sophisticated hues, the iconic print graces elegant lines tailored for men, women, and children, offering a selection of unique pieces for all ages. It’s an irresistible call to embrace the summer’s freshness with a touch of unparalleled style.

Women’s Maiolica Collection

The new Lemon Yellow hue infuses the Women’s Maiolica Collection with a bold, vibrant touch that’s exceptionally feminine. Lightweight fabrics and layered volumes blend into an explosion of energy and lightness, adding a surprising elegance to the style.


This vibrant colour play transforms centuries-old maiolica into contemporary, refined silhouettes, making each outfit a bright and sophisticated experience. It’s a tribute to Italian craftsmanship, reimagined with the refinement and elegance that are hallmarks of Dolce&Gabbana.

Men’s Maiolica Collection

The Men’s Maiolica Collection stands out for its freshness, lightness, and refinement. The iconic maiolica design, reimagined in monochromatic green, brings masculine looks to life with diverse facets. Contrasting volumes and clean lines, inspired by the world of sports, create a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.


Bright green and luminous white infuse the men’s outfits with a sense of freshness and elegance. Linen shirts and trousers, along with bermuda shorts and t-shirts, embody contemporary design. Each piece pays homage to Italian craftsmanship, seamlessly blending past and present with impeccable style.

Maiolica Collection FW24

Centuries-old maiolica takes on lemon yellow and green, inspiring Dolce&Gabbana’s latest collection of clothing and accessories. Discover the vibrant new hues for Women and Men.

Mini Me Collection

Dolce&Gabbana charms with its adorable Mini Me Collection. Children’s clothing reflects the motifs and colours of the adult collections, allowing kids to express their style with the same elegance. Lemon yellow and green adorn dresses, suits, and accessories, adding a touch of refined cheer to kids’ everyday adventures.