90s Revival: the FW23-24 Re-Edition Collection

A new vision of the past shapes the style of modern male elegance


August 2023

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According to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the style of men for the upcoming fall-winter season draws its inspiration from the past, specifically from the historical collections and archive pieces of the 90s. In the latest Men’s Re-Edition Collection FW23-24, featuring David Gandy, Leon Dame, Kit Butler, Renauld White, Akbar Shamji, Jon Kortajarena and Xu Meen in Steven Meisel’s images, the designers have meticulously played with proportions, colour tones, material combinations, and patchwork, crafting an innovative perspective on the brand’s DNA. This reinterpretation of codes reflects a new, hyper-sexy masculinity for the modern man.

Preserving the vintage concept in the cuts of outerwear and double-belted trousers, Dolce&Gabbana redefines the entire structure and fit. Cargo pants are no longer limited to casual wear but blend effortlessly into both elegant and casual ensembles. Oversized quilted bombers and vintage-washed denim add a touch of nostalgia to the collection.

The highlight of the collection is the corset, in sequin or elastic, with the latter making its debut in the FW99/2000 Collection. An iconic element, reminiscent of the feminine corset, the designers presented – and continue to present today – as a true belt, worn over tank tops, white shirts, or knitted vests, adding flair to both tuxedos or on bare skin.

The colour palette draws inspiration from earthy tones, such as clay, sand, mud, stone, rust orange, midnight blue, and features essential shades like Black Sicily and the soft nude pink of the corset, culminating in a creamy white hue.

In this captivating dance between the past and present, a Collection of elegant, comfortable, cool, and versatile garments and accessories comes to life. The recurring theme is to showcase a man who is more authentic than ever.

Discover the alluring Re-Edition FW23-24 Collection

The future of male elegance draws inspiration from the past, with vintage volumes and archive pieces from the 1990s.