Dolce&Gabbana Casa Bathroom Textiles: glamour on the go

From plush robes to coordinated ensembles, redefine summer comfort with elegant bathroom textiles


June 2024

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The realm of bathroom textiles is quietly but profoundly revolutionising. No longer mere functional tools, towels, bathrobes and slippers are claiming a distinguished spot in the summer wardrobe, tempting us to carry their glamorous and cozy allure from home to holiday.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana advocate for a distinct fashion ethos, favouring coordinated ensembles. Whether it’s a sleek monochromatic ensemble or one embellished with the brand’s iconic prints – ranging from the sophisticated Blu Mediterraneo to the vibrant Carretto Siciliano, and the bold Zebra and Leopard prints – designs that make a statement.

Signature Style

The plushness of high-quality terry cotton is just one option offering unparalleled comfort. High-quality cotton terry is just one option offering unparalleled comfort. The sensory experience of a Dolce&Gabbana Casa bathrobe is enhanced by meticulous details like its tailored cut and refined finishes. Moreover, its versatile design effortlessly transforms into a summer robe, perfect for moments of pure relaxation, paired with matching slippers.

Sea view sets

A well-packed holiday suitcase includes towels and beach towels. These essentials are perfectly coordinated, with colours and patterns that evoke the atmosphere of your chosen destination, creating refined and glamorous settings wherever you decide to stay. These accessories not only offer practicality and comfort but also inject a touch of elegance and personal style, turning every moment of your holiday into a truly pleasurable experience.

Bathroom Textile Essentials

Explore the refined and colourful world of Dolce&Gabbana Casa bathroom textiles.