The Silk Road Scarf Collection: a tribute to China-Italy culture

The Silk Road Scarf Collection is the encounter between Italian culture and the millenary fascination of Chinese culture.

An extraordinary journey through creativity, celebrated through the history of this voyage rich in myths and legends like the one of Marco Polo and his book “The Travels of Marco Polo”.

Fans, peonies, dragons, red lanterns, finely decorated porcelain plates and enchanted landscapes are the protagonist symbols of the scarves in incredibly vivid colours like one would find in a travel journal, all witnesses of the historical value of the encounter between the two cultures.

Dolce&Gabbana has chosen to present a series of iconic scarves, which will be available in selected Asian Boutiques from January 17th: 90x90cm in silk twill and 140x140cm squares in cashmere and modal, all finished by hand. They are a tribute to prosperity and wealth, to the timeless craftsmanship, the journey of the first travellers and the exchanges that have characterized their trips on the Silk Road.

The charm of a distant and ancient history: the Silk Road Collection tells the story of scarves and their timeless precious fabric, poised between art and boundless beauty of the subjects painted entirely by hand by artists.



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