Dolce&Gabbana x Khaled Khaled: The Second Drop

The Dolce&Gabbana Special Collection created in collaboration with DJ Khaled has been enriched with two new creativities: a perfect meeting point between music, fashion and style, tropical atmospheres and Mediterranean taste.

The summer and lush, wild nature enliven the new proposals, two distinct universes that share the same language made of colour, energy and contemporary style.

In the first pattern, the light blue of the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea is the backdrop for pink flamingos and lavish green palms, in an ideal journey to dream destinations. All garments are complemented by zebra print details.

The second inspiration is a tribute to the wonders of nature: yellow and multi-coloured butterflies fly among hydrangeas in shades of lilac and purple. The garments are framed by leopard print elements, one of the most representative traits of Dolce&Gabbana’s DNA.

The new pattern is featured in Ready to Wear, Beachwear and Accessories for Men, Women, Children and Newborn Collections.

Shop the Collection in select Dolce&Gabbana boutiques and on the online store.



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