5 ways to wear daisies this Spring

Embroidered or printed, the daisy graces any outfit

Dolce&Gabbana chooses the daisy, with its simple perfection and quintessential Spring flower to launch the Summer 2016 collection.

The daisy is one of the highest expressions of the perfection of Nature: so simple, yet so beautiful. Its simple colouring and naïf shape make the daisy an iconic flower, less sumptuous than the rose, yet equally perfect. Almost like one of the many facets of the woman, the daisy represents a beautiful and natural yet simpler side of the woman, and thus is an inspiration as well as an emblem of the Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2016 collection.

Continuously inspired by nature, its beauty and utter perfection in its simplicity, Dolce&Gabbana dedicate a portion of the collection to this timeless flower.

An icon of Spring, a quintessential bloom, harbinger of rebirth and nature coming back to life after the dormant winter, the daisy is printed, embroidered and referenced in the coming season’s floral offering. From elegant daisies printed on black background to Spring colours like acid green or a warm red, the soon to be iconic daisy motif of the Dolce&Gabbana SS16 cruise collection is as versatile as it is simply beautiful.

For an elegant day look, macrame lace is embroidered in the shape of a daisies and applied on mini dresses in bright hues with matching oversize coats with a strong sixties vibe. While craftsmanship of the highest level creates an almost trompe d’oeil effect with macramé lace shaped into the delicate flowers and fashioned into an up to the minute midi skirt. For more formal occasions daisies are printed on a black background so that the pattern pops on silk organza or wool crepe.



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