5 ways to wear a tuxedo

Style lessons from the Oscars

The most glamorous night of the year is not only for entertainment, with a close eye to the red carpet there are many style lessons to be learned.

While Oscars night is usually all about the gowns, we can’t deny that the most glamorous night of the year can also do much in terms of men’s fashion and school plenty of men out there on how to look formal, but not boring. The tuxedo is in fact the king of Oscars night, and Dolce&Gabbana ruled the red carpet with formal looks up to the occasion yet, each with its own individual twist.

Thus let’s see 5 ways to wear the tuxedo thanks to the stars who wore Dolce&Gabbana.

Classic is ageless and the tuxedo is timeless
The tuxedo has ruled the red carpet and formal occasions for a century as regardless the wearer, its classic lines, its luxurious details, its razor sharp tailoring transcend age and the ages. Ennio Morricone, 87 chose a simple and classic black peaked lapel three-piece tuxedo by Dolce&Gabbana to receive his first Oscar for Best Original Score, fitting for a man of his age and for the occasion. On the other side of the spectrum in terms of age, not but elegance, Abraham Attah, the Ghanaian 14 year old whose poignant role in Beasts of No Nation (for which he won a number of awards this season) also chose a classic black three piece Dolce&Gabbana tuxedo to present an award at the Oscars 2016. Two different men, at two different stages of the careers and their lives, demonstrate how a well cut tuxedo can suit any man, and how classic can be personalized without the need of style statements that in some cases would seem superfluous.

Monochrome versus total black
Sacha Baron Cohen took his turn on the Oscars red carpet in a classic tuxedo with shawl lapels, white tuxedo shirt with black onyx buttons and the timeless bowtie all by Dolce&Gabbana. Part of the elegance of the tuxedo rests in the texture contrast of fine wool twill with the satin details and the stark white shirt worn underneath which ties the look together. Christian Bale on the other hand, demonstrates another way to play with texture contrasts by opting for an all black ensemble. He added another touch of modernity by choosing a satin tie as opposed to the classic bowtie sported by Sacha Baron Cohen, creating a classic yet signature look.

Colour for the bold
With the development of men’s fashion and the wish for the men on the red carpet to make statements which reflect their character and personality, the tuxedo has also evolved. There are however a number of ways to make a fashion statement, and on the Oscar’s red carpet 2016 we’ve seen two different men making two different statements through colour. Michael Keaton, a legend of Hollywood, an Oscar winner in the past, and a timeless symbol of masculinity, chose to play with colour in a demure manner. His choice of tuxedo style rests within the most classic of shapes, with a shawl lapel blazer and a white shirt with black bowtie. The hue of the blazer however stets him a part from the crowd, opting for one of the most popular colours on the red carpet with the women on the 28th February, navy blue. Common on the other hand is everything but common, having opted for a total ivory look topped off with black accessories: bowtie, onyx buttons and black shoes.

So here we have it, a menswear classic, which transcends ages, times and occasion. The quintessential uniform for the elegant gentleman, yet with enough versatility to be personalized even through the smallest detail. How will you wear your tuxedo?

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