A return to the 90s

The Top Model Collection

Reminiscent of the timeless looks of the unforgettable supermodels of the Nineties, classics like denim and white shirts get a throwback makeover.

In the few seasons the creative forces behind the fashion set have been looking back at more recent decades for inspirations; ones that have got millennials (and the slightly older generation too) reeling. The return of the 80s was fun, but the trendy 90s revival has got many of us over excited about reliving some of our teenage fashion statements, as well as generally thinking back at “the good old times”. Crop tops, grungy mini skirts, spaghetti strap lingerie dresses, chokers, micro cardigans, dark lips and nails are all elements that many of us sported back when Clinton was President. But as well as the grungy Courtney Love fashion icon (or the bon ton Rachel from Friends), how to forget another group of muses which represented the Nineties? The Supermodels.

Dolce&Gabbana channel the year’s trendy 90s inspiration in its very own way. The last decade of the 20th Century exists in Dolce&Gabbana’s mind in terms of the Supermodel and classic, timeless outfits. Reminiscent of iconic imagery from the time, denim, white shirts, t-shirts and super lux accessories remain central to a woman’s wardrobe regardless the decade.

Claudia, Eva, Naomi, Cindy are irreplaceable icons of the 90s, as are these classic outfits.

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