Summer 2016: #Italiaislove

From Amalfi to the Colosseum, Italy is in fashion

Dolce&Gabbana draw inspiration from the jewels of Italy in the Summer 2016 fashion show collection.

From seasonal trends like stripes and sheer looks, passing by floral maxi dresses and the ubiquitous pyjama Dolce&Gabbana celebrates the beauty of Italy in the Summer 2016 fashion show collection.

#Italiaislove is a statement, a mind-set and a declaration of love. But the Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2016 fashion show collection, is also fashion, and after bursting with pride about the beauty of Italy here is how to wear it.

The collection is centred around very simple concepts, with very simple shapes embellished with unique embroidered patches attached to each finished garment. Here sundresses with a 50s feel, tunics, kaftans and even pyjamas all present a strong statement of Italy.

Stripes, are not just a seasonal trend seen on the catwalks, but in this instance they are inspired by the sun loungers and beach umbrellas typical of the country’s seaside resorts. In turn they are further personalized Dolce&Gabbana style by patches of monuments, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, slogans which declare “Italia is Love” or items from Italian folkloristic traditions like Sicilian cart wheels, and even the country’s flora.

Sheer looks monopolized the catwalks, but Dolce&Gabbana interpret the trend in unique way, focalising on the interesting duality between the overtly sexy, and the bon ton vintage inspiration. Here 1950s shapes created by sheer black tulle become ironic statements presenting applications which are almost incongruous to the sensual see through nature of the dress, with Sicilian cart wheels, cacti, pompoms and much more. Yet the luxurious craftsmanship of the garment rests in the details with hand sewn patches made of the highest quality materials like macramé lace beads and filigree.



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