Italia is Love: Mini me

Little girl looks inspired by the Summer 2016 fashion show

Adorable dresses and bodysuits for baby girls are printed with the motifs of the Summer 2016 womenswear fashion show collection for a stylish and fun mommy and me look.

Colourful prints, stripes and elements from the Sicilian folk tradition create a joyful Summer 2016 fashion show collection. Vintage postcards of Italian cities like Rome, Sanremo and Amalfi are emblazoned on tunic dresses, while embroidered patches featuring monuments or motifs from an Italian summer, like beach umbrellas and sun loungers, are applied to stripes sun dresses for a luxurious yet ironic touch.

The same prints and motifs have been transported onto baby girl looks, for an adorable mommy and me ensemble. Tiny skirts and t-shirts presenting Sicilian folk imagery, bodysuits printed with pretty pictorial postcards or majolica and tiny striped dresses feature heavily in this colourful collection.

For the first time, the Dolce&Gabbana Children collection is available to buy on the online store.

Dolce&Gabbana Children


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