6 tips to holiday like a blogger this summer

Have your very own #LightBlueJourney

With summer at our doors if you’re thinking of your very own #LightBlueJourney, here are 6 essentials tips on how to vacation in style.

To mark the limited Summer 2016 edition of the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Love in Capri for women and Light Blue Beauty of Capri for men, Dolce&Gabbana and three online influencers embarked on a #LightBlueJourney around the famed Italian island. With the summer holidays just around the corner, are you also planning on embarking on your very own #LightBlueJourney? Here are 6 tips to vacation in style just like Alexandra Pereira, Gian Maria Sainato and Kadu Dantas.


1. Don’t go it alone
There’s nothing like sharing your experiences and free time with your closest friends. Get a group of friends together for an unforgettable summer holiday. Together you will create memories, be yourself, relax, have fun and bond.

2. Make sure to take in the sites
Whether the natural wonders, or beautiful architecture, your holiday should not just be about soaking up the rays by the pool. Take time to get to know where you are and see the best your selected holiday spot has to offer.

3. Choose stylish yet useful accessories
Chances are you will be out all day, so a bag, or maybe a very fashionable backpack will be your best ally. Travel guide, camera, water, sunscreen, everything you need will be at arm’s reach, yet packed stylishly.

4. Take some time to yourself
Hanging out with your friends will be essential for a super fun holiday, but sometimes alone time is important. Choose to do something you really enjoy, like maybe sunbathing or a boat trip and take time to process all the beautiful experiences you’ve shared with your friends. When you join them again, you will appreciate them even more.

5. Dress to impress
Pack intelligently, pack well, and pack beautiful things. Bring your favourite outfits from the season, or maybe shop especially for the holiday and select at least one night to get dressed up with your friends and treat yourselves to a luxurious evening.

6. Be spontaneous
With your friends to support you, with a close knit group you know you well you will be able to be truly yourself. Be spontaneous, fun and cherish the memories of your #LightBlueJourney.


See more images from our #LightBlueJourney on Instagram @dolcegabbana



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