Francesco Finizio

Fall Winter 2020/2021 Advertising Campaign

Made by Francesco Finizio, the black and white images set in Sicily, in Custonaci, evoke the past and the ancient artisan tradition of the island.

The custodians of Italian manual craftsmanship: the Mestieri d’Arte, ancient professions that guard the Italian cultural and manufacturing heritage, inspire the collection and become the protagonists of the shots in a succession of scenarios, faces and views that transport the heart to the national folkloric past. Nostalgia and timeless charm as scenography: tailors, goldsmiths, pasta makers, shoemakers, shepherds and florists become protagonists of the campaign, immortalized during their work alongside the models Chiara Scelsi and Amerigo Valenti. The depth of the light and dark, with its two-tone shades, is highlighted by the encounter between poetic shots and scenarios of everyday life, which gives the pictures a warm and familiar character.



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